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Paper Kites Studio is a landscape architecture firm in Dallas, Texas, founded by landscape architect Christa McCall. We focus on creating simple, understated and elegant gardens and landscapes. Each landscape is designed and developed through the exploration of space and its connection to architecture and human experience. 

Christa's design approach is the creation and arrangement of space and proportion while combining natural beauty with function. Her motivation is to create timeless spaces that are multi-layered environments where culture and nature meet. Our approach is constantly evolving, both in response to individual clients and to unique site characteristics that forge an emotional connection between the place and the people, valuing local materials and expressing our desire to connect people to nature not merely through plants but through spacial arrangement. Native plant material and successional planting are part of this beauty. We strive  to create gardens that highlight native plants, their resilience and their beauty. Collaboration is central part of our design process with close and constant dialogue with like-minded architects, engineers, interior designers, craftsmen and women, and many other specialists.